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Poetry & Prose
5 Oh No, Colleen Wilson
6 Conscious, B.L.O.
7 Capillaries Kelly Hendricken
Untitled Emily Withers
8 Mirror Imagination: Yes, You, Joe Flynn
10 Monster, Amanda Himmelmann
11 Forests Walter E. Murphy
12 Time Lizzy Johnson
13 Epilogue to a First Kiss, Anonymous
14 Willow Tree, Kristen Balschunat
A Distant Truth, Kristen Balschunat
Tasty Fruit Ripens, B.L.O.
16 One-Minute Fairy Tale, Adele Costa
17 To, Sincerely, Hannah Schmidt
18 Havana, 1986, Emily Withers
19 December, 2010, Stephanie Kaylor
20 A Relationship of Paper, Megan Nolan
22 take, Mike Ed Fowler
23 Invasion at an Occasion, Anonymous
26 Excerpt from "Son of Man," Joel Inbody
30 Adoration, Alana Sprow
31 I Like Pancakes, B.L.O.
32 Empty, Megan Nolan
35 Insomniac Chair, Walter E. Murphy
36 snakebites, Mike Ed Fowler
Captive, Stephanie Kaylor
37 Bank Robbery Stuns Seaseme Street, Colleen Wilson
38 Rag Doll, Emily Webb
41 A Crack in the Surface, Shea Frazier
42 Las Palabras de la Tierra, Kristen Balschunat
43 Rachel Shemesh, Mashhad 1939, Yael Massen
44 The Letters, Mari Rogers
47 If I Ran the World, Colleen Wilson

6 Nancy Brito
9 Human's Division, Alex Spinello; Nancy Brito
11 Mari Rogers
15 Carmen Staub
18 Alexis Hannah
24 Up or Down?, Jennifer Tayne; Carmen Staub
25 Train Wreck, Jennifer Tayne; Mari Rogers
29 Katherine Mosser
34 Katie Malia; Catherine Moyer
40 Chantal Greis
42 Jasper, Yael Massen
46 Mother Nature, Alex Spinello; Katie Malia
48 Thagomizer, Joe Flynn


Poetry; Prose; Art; Photography


Poetry; Prose; Artwork; Photography

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Kelly Torbitt; Hannah Schmidt

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Kelly Hendricksen

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