Interview with Nellie Barsocchi Caccamise, Batavia, NY, 1980s


Interview with Nellie Barsocchi Caccamise, Batavia, NY, 1980s



This interview with Nellie Caccamise details her life as an accordion player.


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[0:00-0:30] Nellie Caccamise explains how to pronounce her name. [0:30-3:06] How she became an accordion player and the different accordions her father played and built. [3:07-3:45] Her early career as an accordion player. [3:46-5:41] Her accordion career after she married and the studio she used from her husband’s business. [5:42-8:07] How her accordion busines grew as a performer, a seller of accordions, and as a teacher. There is a mention of the career of a Buffalo performer named Ernest D'Amico. [8:08-10:40] How her business bought and sold accordions. Talks about the different types of accordions she sold and bought. Mention of her father’s life as an accordion factory worker. [10:41-12:20] Discusses a barn in Leroy and the history behind the building. [12:21-17:00] Discusses some of her pupils and their lives. During the discussion Caccamise switches between students frequently while looking for materials that reminded her of them. [17:01-19:39] How she taught accordion and other instruments she played. During the discussion Caccamise presents pictures of her playing the accordion and other instruments. [19:40-20:40] Caccamise then talks about what instruments her children play and their lives. [20:41-21:13] How her father came to the United States and what he did. [21:14-21:55] A discussion about her pupils and the concerts she performed with them. Also talks about how these students learned to play other instruments as well. [21:56-23:34] Talks about Maury Silver and how he helped her business. [23:35-27:45] Her relationship with Floyd Woodhull and local musicians due to the store. Also talks about what instruments they bought from her and how their lives are doing. [27:46-35:30] Discusses what Italian music she and her family had selected to play based on the venue type. During this conversation she notes the different musicians who would perform with her at these events. [35:31-44:04] Caccamise and Kimball discuss the history of the accordion. She talks about the different parts of the Untied States she has visited for venues and notes the other people she performed with at those places. [44:05-47:44] Kimball discusses with Caccamise what this tape will be used for in his research. Cassette No. 002_004

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Artist's Home, Batavia NY; Genesee County

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Nellie Barsocchi Caccamise - Accordion




James "Jim" W. Kimball

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Interview with Nellie Barsocchi Caccamise, Batavia, NY, 1980s