Forum for Undergraduate Student Editors Conference 2023

Forum for Undergraduate Student Editors Conference 2023


This year's FUSE Conference is hosted by SUNY Geneseo on November 2, 3, and 4.

Literary Publishing in 2023: Where Are We Going, Where Have We Been?

“The culture of the past is more alive in its magazines than in any other textual form, because it is all there, the art and the lice, the truth and the lies.”
--Robert Scholes

Literary journals continue to create conversation and offer writers and readers a community. How has the conversation changed, expanded, or diversified since the first literary journals were published? How has the changing world impacted the conversation? What will this conversation sound/look/feel like tomorrow? The 2023 FUSE conference focuses on the rich past, present, and future of literary journals and features panels, workshops, and roundtables that explore this topic interpreted broadly.

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