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Table of Contents

5 Elyssa Slawinski
7 Joey O'Connor, I Want to Fake My Death on Facebook
10 Ariana DiPreta, Solitary Curiosity
11 Elyssa Slawinski
13 Jaqueline Christensen, Content Emily
16 Ariana DiPreta, Heaven Meets Scotland
18 Joey O'Connor, Splintering
22 Jaqueline Christensen, Seeyum
Joey O'Connor, Glitz
23 Megan Nolan, Tunnel
27 Sarah Simon, Concert Stand
30 Ariana DiPreta, Edinburgh
31 Sarah Pray, Reflecting
34 Jaqueline Christensen, Brody
36 Elder Ferreira, The Leaf

Prose, Poetry
5 Meghan Kearns, A Welcome
6 Mademoiselle Clair, Writing a Submission
8 Jim Ryan, How to Satisfy a Sweet Tooth
Pam Haas, Crackle
9 Keara Roy Hagerty, On Not Smiling
10 Megan Nolan, Interstellar Convictions
11 Sarah Steil, Unfurl
12 Elise Silverstein, Indivisible
13 Joshua Bauscher, Plugged Into the Wall
14 Adam Camiolo, Never Trust the Italian
17 Meghan Kearns, Small Talk
Kaitlin Senk, Sampler
18 Megan Nolan, Counting Change to Bread Crumb Distance
19 Selena Beaumont, Dreamscape
20 Hannah Canale, the greenness of her eyes
23 Joey O'Connor, Gay Bar Instructional
24 William Hess, The Child's Friend
26 Pam Haas, Perpetual
Maya Bergamasco, White Flowers
27 Max Garnaat, The Land of Masks
28 Joey O'Connor, Self-Portrait as a Faggot
Megan, Nolan, Resentment is a Two-Way Mirror
29 Sarah Steil, Skin
31 Meghan Kearns, Street Worms
32 Zach Muhlbauer, Jules
35 Joshua Bauscher, Anonymous
36 Jim Ryan, Mood-Ring Vows


Poetry; Prose; Art; Photography


Poetry; Prose; Artwork; Photography;

Editor (Head)

Megan Nolan; Stephanie Wilcoxen

Editor (Second)

Alyssa Stefanese

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Evan Goldstein; Pam Haas


Tom Greenfield

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Spring 2014

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English Language and Literature

Opus, 2013-2014, issue XII



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