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3 Sunsets, Michael Chin
10 The Geneseo Zoo, Ashley Wilson
18 A Dissertation on Blue and Red, Meg Vasey
30 A Different Kind of Conversing, Jane Liu
38 Neuschwanstein Castle, Paige Palmateer
46 iNSANITy, Katie Steinnagel
49 Johnny's House, Pete Lobczowski

6 The Survivor's Tale, Gabriel Hoff
8 The Dream, Elijah Hibit
8 Rose Red, carrie braman
9 Pillow, Andrew Campbell
14 Midnight Before the Due Date, Sarah Grace Taylor
15 How Lucky am I?, Peter Howser
16 Identity, Sarah Grace Taylor
17 Why, Alaina Maggio
20 A Gentleman and a Scholar, Janine Giordano
23 I Laugh When Men Are in the Room, Ian Kain Amato
24 words fall short, Bob Fischer
25 The Banality of Evil, Andrew Campbell
27 Between the father and his son a sea, Greg Fair
27 slap, Angela Galletta
27 Sometimes the Radio is mean, Alaina Maggio
28 Princely Charm, Emily Smith
29 "For Spilt Milk", Pete Lobczowski
33 11pm at a Roadside Cafe, Greg Fair
33 Reflections of Green, Holly Yates
34 Eve, Carrie Braman
37 steven's song, Bob Fischer
37 invitation, Angela Galletta
36 patriot, David Aloi
37 Love Is..., Pete Lobczowski
41 Ode to a Carnation, Andrew Campbell
42 Third3Person, Audrey McLendon
43 A Questioning Education Major, Jessica Allen
44 Dandelion Lotuses, Grant Gordon
45 Philomela, Audrey McLendon
48 fear not, Bob Fischer
48 For Adam, (Not Toby):, Jessica Allen

4 Kristine Wolcott
8 Steve Miller
9 Kristine Wolcott
13 Doty, Sean Amy
15 Brian Sweeting
16 Brian Sweeting
17 Kristine Wolcott
20 Jeff DeBellis
24 On and On Forever, Jeff DeBellis
26 Steve Miller
28 Kristine Wolcott
29 Steve Miller
32 Jeff DeBellis
34 Steve Miller
37 Kristine Wolcott
40 Kristine Wolcott
44 Ed Antkoviak


Poetry; Prose; Art


Poetry, Prose, Art

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Katie Steinnagel, Bridgett Frey


Dr. Drake; Dr. Woidat; Dr. Hall

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Spring 2004

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English Language and Literature

Opus, Spring 2004



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