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Table of Contents

9 Dana LePage, Dusty Wooden Panel
10 Duncan Carranza, Petty Games
13 Terasa Hahn, Sensation
17 Nicole Schwartz, Center Stage
17 Schuyler Woos, Night Terrors
18 Harrison Watkins, E is for
18 Meg Vasey, So You Grow Up
18 Beth Pinkerton, Sleep
22 Michael Chin, Good Night for a Cigarette
22 Dana Lepage, Together Descending
23 Alex Egan, I Think I'm Starting to Understand Why I Always Wear Black
30 Duncan Carranza, Typo
30 Pia Fleischmann, Homage to Night
30 Meg Vasey, it's a good romantic movie, In the bullshit kind of way
31 Jessica Allen, Stagnant
31 James Merenda, A Protest Worth Digestion
37 David Aloi, 7:34 p.m. street lights have yet to come on
37 Meg Vasey, Big/littles.bigbigs/littlesbigs/so on so on
40 Drew Campbell, Taco Lore
40 Shannon Barbeau, Stranger
40 Laura Sengillo, Prima Ballerina
43 Maureen Cahill, Sleep

11 M. Mullen, On My Waist
14 Peter Lobczowski, Twenty-Eight Dollars
19 Jodi Guilboard, Daddy's Girl
26 Dianna Walkowski, Learning Charley
33 Alex Egan, Play Once and Repeat
38 Eric Dawson, To Whom It May Concern
41 Jeanette Ebling, Your Are Intersting
44 Amanda Bukowski, Searching For Moonlight

9 Amelia Harnas
12 Dana Lepage
13 Lauren SooHoo
17 Amelia Harnas
19 Alex Egan
22 Amelia Harnas
23 Alex Egan
24 Niki DeLawder
29 Katherine McCarty
30 Amelia Harnas
31 Amelia Harnas
32 Dana LePage
37 Amelia Harnas
39 Katherine McCarty
40 Amy Zarzicki
42 Lauren SooHoo
43 Niki DeLawder
45 Dana LePage


Poetry; Prose; Art


Uses "Aristotle" by Billy Collins (Picnic, Lightening 1998) as given permission by Billy Collins and the University of Pittsburgh Press; Many of the page numbers are off in the Table of Contents


Poetry, Prose, Art; Aristotle; Billy Collins; University of Pittsburgh Press

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Bridgett Frey, Jessica Allen

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Dana LePage


Dr. Greenfield

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Spring 2005

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English Language and Literature

Opus 2004-2005, issue iii



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