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Table of Contents

Table of Contents
5 Sister Savior, Meg Vasey
5 Photograph, Kaye Robinson
6 Drifting, Nicole Schwarts
6 Paint By Numbers, Kelly Sclafani
7 Flying Alone, Monica Moschetta
7 The Retirement Home, Greg Fisher 7
8 Lauren, Robert Mammano
8 Six O'clock Summer, Megan Lyons
8 Photograph, Nicole Schwartz
9 Turning Off The Light and Accepting the Silence, Dana LePage
10 Shades, Nicole Delawder
11 Monday Night, Alaina Maggio
11 ''And When You Realize," Laura Morris
11 Despair Comes in Bottles and Shots are Half Off, Mallorie Rosenbluth
12 Ups and Downs, Mike Fink
12 Open Wide, Nicole Delawder
13 Beneath Gold Moonlight, Dana LePage
13 Moon, Suzanne Hally
13 With the Ecstasy of Words, Carrie Jean Braman
14 Cityscape, Libby Donaldson
15 White Pages, Alex Egan
17 The Oriole, James Merenda
18 Untitled, John Kulak
18 Haiku, Suzanne Hally
19 The Poster, Erika St. James
19 ''ln the Process of Morning," Laura Morris
19 Snow, Audrey Amir-Denton
20 My Last Attempt at Creativity, Dana LePage
20 Photograph, Stacie Mauchan
21 Geometry Pop Quiz, Michael Cardinali
22 Cleo Valentine, Alea Wratten
25 A Resolution Never to Become a Poet, James Merenda
26 Convictions, Tyler Baker
27 Notre Dame, Libby Donaldson
28 Table and Chairs, Benjamin Gajewski
29 Projects, Jessica Allen
29 Tuesday Laundry Day Destinies Of We and Cotton, Meg Vasey
30 Alibi of a Tree Named Serenity, Robert Mammano
31 There i Sank into the Leaves, Alex Egan
32 Ankles and Blankets, James Merenda
32 Montauk at Night, Nicole Schwartz
33 Holywell Street, Libby Donaldson
34 Picking Up the Pieces, Sonia Vieira
35 Remembering Matthew, Kelly Sclafani
35 Untitled, Daniel Freund
35 Photograph, Stacie Mauchan
36 Life, Death II, Jordan Schauer
36 In an Instant, Robert Mammano
36 Grim Reaper, Aaron Wiener
37 Satan's Lavatory, Nathan Corrigan
38 Fragments, Nicole Delawder
39 The Maid's Secret, Stacie Mauchan
39 Broken, Stacie Mauchan
40 Beneath the Storm, Kelly Nichol
41 Fredonia Factory, Alex Egan
42 Whore or Lover, James Merenda
42 There Are No Kings Inside, Kelly Higgins
43 Exceptional, Eric Dawson
45 Salvation Through Illumination, Meg Vasey
45 Untitled, Mallorie Rosenbluth
46 Photograph, Benjamin Gajewski
46 Photograph, Nicole Schwartz
47 A Bad Listener, Danielle Dornbier
47 "I Keep Having Pregnant Dreams," Laura Horwoood-Benton
47 South Hall Ceiling, Benjamin Gajewski
48 How You Know It's Finals Week, Nicole Schwarts
48 APA Style, John Kulak
49 Classroom, Benjamin Gajewski
50 Staff


Poetry; Fiction; Play; Photography; Art; Essay


Poetry; Fiction; Play; Photography; Art; Essay

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Lauren SooHoo; Jessica Allen

Editor (Second)

Teresa Hahn; Stacie Mauchan


Dr. Greenfield

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Spring 2006

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English Language and Literature

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