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Table of Contents

Prose and Poetry
5 Metastasis, Sarah Laudico
6 Euthanasia, Jake Goldberg The Golden Bough, Emma Striegel
7 The Dock, Susanna Guarino
8 Transplants, Jill Capewell
10 roughly halfway, Jake Goldberg
11 Carnival Development, Carly Smith
14 Reoccurring Dreams ... , Jennifer Picalila
15 Knees, Caitlin Partch
16 Walruses, Colleen Wilson
18 Conversation at 3:00AM, Bridget Adams
19 Fortune Cookies, Sheena McKinney
"I stepped into the hallway ..." Walter Murphy
20 this clandestine fortnight ... , Jake Goldberg
21 Response to Soliloquy 1 ... , Erin Kuntz
22 Sizzling Time, Patrick Morgan
Untitled, Laura Morris
23 Untitled, Erin Kuntz
24 BB Gun, Sarah Laudico
"Like marionettes ..." Walter Murphy
25 Tempest, Hannah Schmidt
26 Beautiful Buzz, Patrick Morgan Siege, Sheena McKinney
27 To Walt Whitman, Danielle Landini
28 Untitled, Kelly Hendricken
29 One Sleeper at a Time, Ethan Waddell
30 Fingernails, Bridget Adams
32 Securitybot Discovers ... , Ethan Waddell
34 Bananas are a Calming Fruit, Laura Morris
Red Shirt, Rebecca Spitz
35 Untitled, Kelly Hendricken
36 The Shape of Handprints, Kelly Hendricken
37 this can be all it is, Jake Goldberg
38 Dreamstate, Jeremy Wind
40 Projection, Bridget Adams
42 Metronome, Margaret Saxon
44 For Tony, Philip Mogavero
46 "Lately ..." Walter Murphy
48 On Being the Daughter ... , Kelly Hendricken
49 You are flushed cheeks, Meghan Pipe

5 Photograph, Ana it Tamanian
9 Absolutely Not, Abby Mayer
Photograph, Mari Rogers
17 Tracks at Olympia, Andrew Sorrento
Fancy Pants Flea ... , Sarah Parker
18 Professional Footsying, Sam Maurer
23 Bay, Aileen Connorton
25 lchabod Crane, Andrew Sorrento
27 Life is Beautiful Graffiti, Sarah Parker
31 Baby Ducky Bath Time, Sarah Parker
33 Hallway, Andrew Sorrento
36 Roberson at Christmas, Jennifer Picalila
39 The Moment Between ... , Briana Zimmerman
41 Target Boy, Abby Mayer
47 Olympic Entrance, Andrew Sorrento
50 Photograph, Mari Rogers


Poetry; Prose; Art; Photography; Graffiti


Buzzo; Walt Whitman; Poetry; Prose; Artwork; Photography; Grafitti

Editor (Head)

Jennifer Picalila; Caitlin Klein

Editor (Second)

Sarah Parker

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Sarah Parker


Tom Greenfield

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Spring 2009

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English Language and Literature

Opus, 2008-2009, issue VII



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