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Table of Contents

Poetry and Prose
5 Picnic I Elena Buttgereit
6 Delilah I Michael Roff
7 (continued)
8 Out Here in the Bounds I Walter Murphy
9 Slaying the Jabberwocky I Colleen Wilson
10 Acquiescence I Hannah Schmidt
11 Untitled I Wyatt Mentzinger
13 The Raven in Five Lines I Colleen Wilson
birthday candle I Shannon Harwood
14 Drowning Letters I Gavin David Chau
15 (continued)
16 (continued)
19 Drowning of Li Bai I Meghan Pipe
20 how it feels to lose someone I Kelly Hendricken
22 Going to See Stacy I Melissa Parietti
23 (continued)
24 (continued)
25 Trail Markers I Walter Murphy
28 The Balloon Salesman I Matt Cordelia
29 (continued)
30 Untitled I Hayley Fuchs
32 Ravines I Kelly Hendricken
33 Shrieks I Julie McMahon
34 Palmistry I Matt Cordelia
36 Murder I Elena Buttgereit
37 Two Untitled Haikus I Wyatt Mentzinger
39 RE: Still haven't done your SOFI? I Elena Buttgereit 40 Social Stagnation I Kate Harlin
41 Poem Puddles and Comma Drops I Gabrielle Gosset
42 She I Stasia Monteiro
44 winter at ninht I Kelly Hendricken
45 Cavity I Meghan Pipe

7 Anait Tamanian I Mom
10 Olivia Derella I Ella
12 Jen Tayne I Hell: Vultures and Crows
17 Elliott Regan I Two Untitled Photographs
18 Alex Spinello I Touching a Feeling
Rebecca Spitz I Clover
21 Rebecca Spitz I On A Wire
Jen Tayne I Purnatory: Between Two Worlds
24 Kyle Skovira I lntegration
26 Anna Pepe I Untitled Photonraph
AnaitTamanian I Corinthian Canal
27 Sarah Parker I Two Untitled Photographs
31 Whitney Marris I Shooting Star
35 Whitney Marris I Hots on for Nowhere
37 Natalie Bladis I Flying Turtle
38 Lauren Recny I Commemoration of Childhood
43 AnaitTamanian I Deep in Thought
46 Whitney Marris I Teach Your Children Well


Poetry; Prose; Art; Photography


Poetry; Prose; Art; Photography

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Jennifer Picalila; Caitlin Klein

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Meghan Pipe

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Sarah Parker


Tom Greenfield

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Spring 2010

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