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3 Another Vietnam in Nicaragua?, Michelle Picardo
3 Responsibility for Nuclear Power, Tony Brinn
4 AIDS Awareness on Campus, Tracey McCann
4 The Mass Media: A Great Communicator, or Just an Investment?, Kwadjo Boaltey
5 $2.8 Million Loss?, Michelle Plcardo

Movie Reviews: by Sandy DeMott
6 Black Widow
Tin Men

9 Worm Days, Jacquie Beidl
9 To Dream is Such a Novel Thing..., Michael Pray
9 Dragonquest, Terry Maggert
10 Untitled, Levi Stone
10 elusive shops, Jacqule Beidl
10 Untitled, Ed Schuldner
10 Glimpse of Death, Shelli Stiverson
11 Utopia, Mary O'Brien
11 Reaching for the Cookies, Floyd Levy
11 The Field, Mary O'Brien
11 Thoughts on Ancient Ruins, Mark Fille
12 Expectations in Waiting, Michael Pray
13 Whose Steel Heart, Mark Fille
13 Sirens, Jacqule Beidl
13 Untitled, Ed Schuldner
14 The Beach Walk, Michael Pray
15 Songs that Used to Be, Ed Schuldner
15 Flytrap, Jacqule Beidl
17 Reluctant Criminal, Laurie A. Haelen

Short Fiction:
18 Foley, Michael Hill
18 Lipnock, Joseph Erbal
19 Mr. Big, Michael Hill
20 The Game, Joseph Erbal
21 Rooked, Michael Hill
23 Visiting Hours, Laurie Thurston
24 Electra, Scott Dalrymple
28 Dancing Back, Scott Cole

Art & Photo Credits:
7 Peter Romeo
8 Renee Rivers
9 Peter Romeo
10 Peter Romeo
11· Peter Romeo
12 Daeya Tarolli
13-17 Peter Romeo
19 Peter Romeo
21-22 Peter Romeo
25 Chas Profitt
26 Chas Profitt
30 Chas Profitt
33 Renee G. Rivers
34 Chas Profitt

* cover photo by chas pro/itt


Editorial; Movie Review; Poetry; Short Fiction; Fiction; Art; Photography


Editorial; Movie Review; Poetry; Short Fiction; Fiction; Art; Photography; Nicaragua; Nuclear Power; AIDS; Mass Media; Politics; Black Widow; Tin Men; Mannequin

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Maura K. O'Brien

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Kwadjo Boaitey

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Chas Profitt


Dr. James Allen

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Spring 1987

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English Language and Literature

Our Time, Spring 1987, Vol. 3



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