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4 untitled, Sarah K. Mady
6 Childhood is, L.E. Platt
6 Sorry, Teddy, Shelli L. Stiverson
7 Burning the Midnight Oil, Kimberly Eagen
7 Scrying Ball, John C. Jaeger
13 "Where are you?'', Kathleen Hallinan
13 untitled, Kym Graham
13 Delicate Romance, Jeanette Weyer
13 untitled, JAKJP
14 Someone to Talk to, Kimberly Eagen
15 The Assassin, John Sweet
17 Paying the Ferryman, Sharon Purcell
17 Protection, Wendy Roblyer
17 untitled, JAKJP
17 untitled, susan Swadner
20 Sand Castles, Shelli L. Stiverson
21 The Rose, Dana M. Paradise
21 Satin Beds, Susan Swadner
21 Even a Rose Has Thorns, Brenda L. DiModugno
22 Intrusion, Wendy Roblyer
22 Sensing Leaving, Laurie Filipelli
23 A Sonnet of Life, Kathleen Hallinan
23 untitled, Shelli L. Stiverson
23 Evening Reflection, Jeanette Weyer
23 untitled, Jason Fox
23 Tell-Tale Thread, Sharon Purcell
26 "Do you ever ... ?'', Kathleen Hallinan
27 The Hunger, Wade Bennett
28 The Diner, Susan Inneo
28 The Adirondack 38, Laurie Filipelli
29 Enclosed Please Find Silence, Jason Fox
29 untitled, Kym Graham
30 Why?, WendyLynne Weber
30 Saturday Night, Janice E. Brill
31 Pins and Curlers, Valerie Putney
31 Outer Shell, Sarah K. Mady
32 All About Daddy, Sharon Purcell
32 untitled, Trevor Urban
33 Life Cycle, John Sweet
33 Seasons, Christina Boemio
33 If You Knew ... , Wade Bennett
34 Pain, Bernardo Rafael
34 Famine Panorama, John Sweet
34 Nineteen is Nothing II, Laurie Filipelli

6 Emerson, Diana C. Wolf
9 Grammy's Cabin, Betsy Urban
14 untitled, Diana C. Wolf
18 Action, L.E. Platt
24 For Better or For Worse, Sarah Pagano

Renee G. Rivers, Cover ..... Photo
4 Shawn Storz ......Art
5 Renee G. Rivers..... Photo
6 Christine M. Quader .....Art
7 Shawn Storz .....Art
8 Tanya Lynee Lipinski..... Art
9 Christine R. Baker...... Art
12 Renee G. Rivers ..... Photo
13 Laurel Thompson ..... Art
14 Christine M. Quader ......Art
15 Kimberly Eagen ...... Photo
16 Doreen Schichtel .....Art
17 Shawn Storz .....Art
20 Pamela Flint ...... Art
21 Christine M. Quader ...... Art
22   Pamela Flint ...... Art
25 Renee G. Rivers..... Photo
27 Renee G. Rivers..... Photo
29 Christine M. Quader..... Art
30 Christine M. Quader...... Art
30 Sarah K. Mady..... Art
31 Rosanne Raneri...... Art
34 Renee G. Rivers..... Photo

5 The Day I was Caught Day Streaming in School, Teresa Andreoli
36 Last Word, Lynn McCaffery


Poetry; Fiction; Art; Photography; Creative Nonfiction


Poetry; Fiction; Creative Nonfiction; Art; Photography

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Lynn E. McCaffrey

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Christine R. Baker

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Lee Ann O'Keefe


Dr. James Allen

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Spring 1988

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Our Time,  Fall 1988, Vol. 6



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