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This poster represents an analysis of the stone tool (lithic) assemblage from the Balthaser Home Site located in Pickaway County, Ohio. The assemblage was collected between 2014-2018 during the collaborative research efforts of the SUNY Geneseo and Bloomsburg University archaeological field schools. While the site was chosen because of its potential as a Ohio Hopewell habitation site, we have also identified an Early Woodland Adena component here as well. The analysis was conducted in an effort to determine the nature of the organization of stone tool technology used during the various occupations of the site. The analysis of the distribution and amount of chert (flint) by means of chert type and size class will allow us to interpret trends in core reduction and tool maintenance. We hope to identify patterns in the size and morphology of complete flakes by raw material type, spatial distribution, and any temporal associations which can be determined. By doing so we endeavor to determine the manner in which and what factors affected the way occupants organized their utilization of chert at this site.

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