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In this research, I will show the negative effects of the rising cost of childcare for single parents. Due to rising costs, parents are opting to stay home and care for their children rather than enter the workforce. This has created an employment barrier for single parents, and a lack of single parents entering the workforce. This lack of single parents in the workforce results in these families needing additional support from the government. In addition, the childcare that single parents can afford is not always the best quality. In order to ensure that every child receives a proper education before entering elementary school, I will propose that a social welfare policy of free childcare through the age of five be granted to all single parents in order to lessen their financial burdens. This program would ensure that all children are given a fair chance to attend a preschool that has the same standards as their counterparts. Additionally, this would give single parents the opportunity to enter the workforce, have a salary, and make them less likely to need other welfare assistance programs in the future.