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Described as “a means of infinite entertainment and instruction for the children,” the two-volume Patterns for Posters and Mother Goose Pictures will delight budding artists, young and old. It offers familiar images from the tales we love that can be traced/copied, cut, colored and mounted onto various paper types and sizes, as recommended by the author. (The original set was printed on fold-out pages measuring 31 x 23 cm.) The directions suggest that the pictures should be painted (by mixing different colors together to create certain hues), but 21st-century children will enjoy crayon and colored-pencil artwork just as well. With each Mother Goose image comes the corresponding tale (e.g., Jack and Jill; Dickery, Dickery, Dock; Pease Porridge Hot), and the layout of images for larger poster mounts (from traditional American holiday to exotic Asian scenes) are illustrated with a smaller rendition of the final product. All pictures included in Patterns for Posters and Mother Goose Pictures were first published in Normal Instructor—Primary Plans.

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Milne Library Publishing


Geneseo, NY


January 2, 2014

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