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This delightful coloring book published in 1922 by the F. A. Owen Publishing Company of Dansville, NY features Bess Bruce Cleaveland’s charming illustrations of children from around the world dressed in traditional clothing; colored flags by Genevieve Stump Foster; and short rhyming poems by Maude M. Grant. There are detailed directions for coloring a boy and girl from each of the many countries included (United States, Mexico, Liberia, Argentina, Holland, England, France, Russia, Alaska (Eskimos), the forest (Indians), Switzerland, Denmark, Belgium, Spain, Italy, China, and Japan) so that “they will look prettiest” in the colors selected, plus a blank flag of these countries to color in the “really truly colors shown in the flags.” The book includes a letter from editor Elizabeth P. Bemis “to all little boys and girls who want something to do,” containing instructions for using the illustrations to make patterns for fun craft projects such as a paper doll parade, peace flags, book ends, twine holders, flower holders, garden sticks, and embroidery.

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Milne Library Publishing


Geneseo, NY


OCLC: 2487550

December 17, 2013

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Little Citizens and their Flags