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Teleopsis dalmanni, commonly known as Stalk-Eyed flies, are known for their sexually dimorphic eye-stalks which females use to pick mates. Within the Gombak-12 population, some individuals contain meiotic drive which is known to influence eye-stalk length and sex ratios. Our goal was to identify genes in developing eye tissue that play a role in causing meiotic drive. To identify these candidate genes, we determined the sex and meiotic drive status of individuals by dissecting 3rd instar larvae for their carcasses. After finding that Qiagen Puregene and Qiagen DNEasy columns DNA extraction techniques worked best—determined by using gel electrophoresis—we prepared our samples, ran PCR, then sent them for fragment analysis. From genomic analysis, we identified 31 male and 66 female Stalk-Eyed larvae and approximately one third of males and females within the population had meiotic drive. Based on this information, we plan on using the larvae’ eye-antennal imaginal discs from our dissections to measure the differential gene expression using RNA in meiotic and non-meiotic drive individuals.

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