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Summer 7-1-2021


Cross-racial solidarity between Asian and Black communities in the U.S. needs increased mutual understanding. Research has limited knowledge of intergroup relations and how these groups perceive each other. Research suggests that one barrier is internalized racial oppression (IRO), but doesn’t consider IRO in intergroup contexts. This qualitative pilot study uses semi-structured interviews to identify patterns of themes related to intergroup IRO perspective-taking and perceived barriers to Black-Asian solidarity.


Special thanks those who supported this research including: interviewees; the McNair Scholars program; my advisor, Dr. Lee M. Pierce; and my team, Xiara Colón Gomez, Kelsey Dux, and Lauriane Ngaya Fonkou. Thanks to many more I cannot name here. My research is dedicated to Black, Brown, and Asian people whose lives were stolen by systemic racism.



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