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Students of tonal Western art music will find in this workbook a full set of exercises and activities to deepen and reinforce their understanding of music theory and analysis. The book begins with such rudimentary topics as rhythm, meter, and pitch and progresses through polyphony, chromatic harmony, and musical form. In addition to exercises tailored to each topic, the book features recurrent activities focused on four-voice part-writing (figured-bass/Roman numeral realization and melody harmonization) as well as score analysis, which become progressively more advanced as new concepts and skills are covered.

Included for analysis are over 500 excerpts drawn from the literature, almost all of which were composed by women and other underrepresented groups. The online version of the text includes embedded audio files for immediate aural reinforcement. Score excerpts and audio files are also available to download for use in class handouts and slideshows.

This workbook was designed to supplement Fundamentals, Function, and Form. Each chapter in the textbook has been given a corresponding chapter here so that students can move fluidly between the two. The exercises were also designed to be used independently from the textbook, by instructors who may prefer to use other texts and materials. Clear directions and examples are provided throughout, making the book equally suitable for self-guided learners.



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Fundamentals, Function, and Form: Student Workbook