The thousands of chiefly black-and-white images in Milne Library’s College Archives Photograph Collection constitute a visual history of SUNY Geneseo, from its 19th-century beginnings as the State Normal School at Geneseo through its more recent years. The photographs depict a wide range of Geneseo subjects including campus (and some village) buildings, construction, events both traditional (commencement, homecoming, freshman orientation, Senior Week, etc.) and varied (sporting events, performances, protests, Greek life, etc.) and above all, people – students, faculty, staff, visitors, and others – groups and individuals, posed and candid, engaging in the many activities typical of life at Geneseo. Milne’s archival collection is complemented by more recent photographs available through the College Communications and Marketing site.

The digitized archival collections are offered to aid in the understanding of American history, local history, and the history of the College as part of our mission to support research, teaching, and learning. Some content that appears in the digital collections may contain material which reflect the attitudes and beliefs of different times and modern audiences may find them offensive. The availability of this content should not be taken as an endorsement by the College of previous perspectives or behavior. Should you have specific concerns that you would like to address, please contact Tracy Paradis, Digital Collections & Archives Librarian.


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