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Both public and academic libraries are invested in the creation and distribution of information and digital content. They have morphed from keepers of content into content creators and curators, and seek best practices and efficient workflows with emerging publishing platforms and services. The Library Publishing Toolkit looks at the broad and varied landscape of library publishing through discussions, case studies, and shared resources. From supporting writers and authors in the public library setting to hosting open access journals and books, this collection examines opportunities for libraries to leverage their position and resources to create and provide access to content.

The Library Publishing Toolkit is a project funded partially by Bibliographic Databases and Interlibrary Resources Sharing Program funds which are administered and supported by the Rochester Regional Library Council. The toolkit is a united effort between Milne Library at SUNY Geneseo and the Monroe County Library System to identify trends in library publishing, seek out best practices to implement and support such programs, and share the best tools and resources. Our goals include to:

  • Develop strategies libraries can use to identify types of publishing services and content that can be created and curated by libraries.
  • Assess trends in digital content creation and publishing that can be useful in libraries and suggesting potential future projects.
  • Identify efficient workflows for distributing content for free online and with potential for some cost-recovery in print on demand markets.

A list of chapters is available in the full record.



Publication Date



Milne Library Publishing


Geneseo, New York


edited by Allison P. Brown

List of chapters:

  • Foreword / Walt Crawford
  • Introduction / Cyril Oberlander

Part 1— Publishing in Public Libraries / Allison P. Brown

  • Introduction / Patricia Uttaro
  • About Publishing in Public Libraries
  • Serving a Writing Community, Building a Writing Community
  • Self-Publishing and Library Resources / Lisa Petrocelli
  • Libraries as Inspiration and Centers of Creation
  • Library YouTube Channel / Kara Stock
  • The Library as a Community Publisher

Part 2— Trends & Essentials in Scholarly Publishing

  • The Development of Library-Led Publishing Services at the University of Utah / Valeri Craigle, John Herbert, Anne Morrow, & Allyson Mower
  • The University Library System, University of Pittsburgh: How & Why We Publish / Timothy S. Deliyannides & Vanessa E. Gabler
  • Preserving and Publishing Digital Content Using XML Workflows / Jonathan McGlone
  • Emerging Opportunities in Library Services: Planning for the Future of Scholarly Publishing / Mark P. Newton, Eva T. Cunningham, & Julie N. Morris

Publishing Books & E-books

  • A Decade of Change: Running a University E-Press / Roxanne Missingham & Lorena Kanellopoulos
  • Client-Driven Workflows and Publishing Models / Kyle Pressley
  • Embarking on e-Books: Establishing an e-Publishing Pilot Project / Caitlin Bakker

Library as Journal Publisher: Organizational Aspects of Journal Publishing

  • Journals Are People, Too: The Human Factor in Sustainable Journal Publishing Partnerships / Rebecca A. Welzenbach
  • Wayne State University Press and Libraries: A Case Study of a Library and University Press Journal Publishing Partnership / Joshua Neds-Fox, Lauren Crocker, & Alicia Vonderharr;
  • Publishing Inti: A Suite of Services Case Study / Mark J. Caprio & Christiane Marie Landry
  • Content and Collaboration I: A Case Study of Bringing an Institutional Repository and a University Press Together / Michael Spooner & Andrew Wesolek
  • Open Access Journal Incubator at University of Lethbridge Library / Sandra Cowan
  • Digital Publishing at Feinberg Library: The Institutional Repository as Outreach Initiative / Joshua F. Beatty

Library as Journal Publisher: The Faculty-Led, Library-Supported Journal

  • Publishing Open Access e-Journals: Leveraging an Outreach Opportunity / Laura Edwards, Linda Sizemore, & Kelly Smith
  • The California Geographer and the OA Movement: Using the Green OA Institutional Repository as a Publishing Platform / Michael Biondo & Andrew Weiss
  • A Case Study in Open Access Journal Publishing at Syracuse University: Library and University Press Partnership Furthers Scholarly Communications / Yuan Li, Suzanne E. Guiod, & Suzanne Preate
  • OAJ From A to Z: How to Succeed at Launching an OA Journal (Without Really Trying) / Nick Paulus

Library as Journal Publisher: Student Research Journals

  • Library Services for Creating and Publishing Student Research Journals / Adrian K. Ho
  • The USFSP Student Research Journal and the Library’s Role as Publisher and Champion / Carol Hixson

Libraries Publishing Other Original Content

  • Digital Storytelling: The Library as Place of Creation / Mustafa Sakarya
  • Content and Collaboration II: Opportunities to Host, Possibilities to Publish / Andrew Wesolek & Michael Spooner
  • Creating Digital Library Content for Integrated Course Development / Erika Bennett, Kim Staley, & Jennie Simning
  • An Experiment in Progress: The MSU Student Comic Art Anthology / Ruth Ann Jones
  • A Production Process for Library Help Videos / Shawn Vaillancourt, Kelsey Brett, Katie Buehner, Andrea Malone, & Ayla Stein

Publishing in the Archives

  • Open (Flu) Season: A Case Study of The American Influenza Epidemic of 1918: A Digital Encyclopedia / Julie Judkins
  • Digitizing an Oral History from Analog Audio Cassettes and Typewritten Documents: A Case Study / Matthew M. Best
  • Publishing Reprints: Repurposing Free Online Tools / Allison P. Brown & Joe Easterly

Consortia & Inter-Organizational Cooperation

  • Scholarly Publishing in the Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC) / Laurie N. Taylor, Brooke Wooldridge, Lourdes Santamaría-Wheeler, Mark V. Sullivan, Benjamin Hebblethwaite, & Megan Raitano
  • The Public Knowledge Project: Open Source e-Publishing Services for Your Library / James MacGregor, Karen Meijer-Kline, Brian Owen, Kevin Stranack, & John Willinsky
  • Building a Community-Driven Organization to Advance Library Publishing / Sarah Lippincott & Katherine Skinner
  • Conclusion / Katherine Pitcher

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Creative Commons License
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