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Resource sharing is an area in libraries with intense focus on cooperation and innovation. Libraries dedicate themselves to sharing collections to enhance access far beyond what any one library could offer. Resource sharing involves connecting not only users to collections, but connecting many different library technologies. An effective and innovative resource sharing group requires both a commitment to community, but also a commitment to developing technology that can help achieve the group’s goals. The IDS Project is a community-based resource sharing development cooperative whose members are tightly connected through professional development and high-level support initiatives such as the Online Learning Institute and the Mentor Program. Also, the IDS Project serves its members through software development based on deep understanding of community needs. As a development cooperative, the collective expertise of the group is integrated into building new technologies that solve major resource sharing issues. To effectively connect the disparate technologies needed to make resource sharing effective, a new resource sharing platform, IDS Logic, was created to harvest the knowledge and expertise of the engaged community and connect technologies including ILLiad, OCLC services, Integrated Library Systems, and other vendor and library platforms.


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