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“Nothing replaces the experience of enjoying a live event.”

Live On Stage at SUNY Geneseo is a database of performances and events at the College from 1966 to 2021. This spreadsheet gathers and presents the information on performers, speakers, and events based on a review of over 8,000 contracts that were negotiated with individuals, organizations, talent agencies, lecture bureaus, and entertainment vendors by student leaders, student activities staff, and faculty. During the 25 years that Tom Matthews served as student activities director, his job responsibilities included approving and signing contracts for performances that were partially or fully funded by the student activities fee and Student Association. Campus events that were not funded by student fees, with some exceptions, are not included in this data report. To access the complete spreadsheet, click on Live on Stage Data, below.

Live On Stage at SUNY Geneseo Posters is a subset of the larger collection and displays the artwork and posters created for promoting events between 1971 and 2020. There are currently more than 500 posters and promotional photos -many of which have been autographed by the performer - that have been scanned and digitized for inclusion in the repository. To search the posters and photos, click on Live on Stage at Geneseo Posters, below.

This project is dedicated to the hundreds of students and the thousands of hours they spent devoting their time and talents to bring these performers to Geneseo.


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