I have looked at stereotypes regarding Native Americans and the environment and how those stereotypes can prove detrimental to Native Americans. One of the main reasons for this is because it removes the focus from many of the serious environmental problems that Native Americans have dealt with and continue to deal with in the United States and Canada. I have focused my research on environmental problems that many Native American communities have dealt with and are dealing with, such as uranium mining and pollution concerns. I have also researched green and renewable energy creation projects that are occurring on Native American lands. I believe that many Native American communities could benefit from the development of renewable energy production facilities on their lands. These facilities represent ways in which Native Americans can implement more control over their energy use as well as become energy providers for surrounding non- Indian communities. There is also the opportunity for better relationships to develop between Native and non-Native Governments. Education will also be key, and relatively safe and healthy jobs can be provided for Native Americans.

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