Volume 2015

This issue of The Proceedings of GREAT Day showcases students’ intellectual immersion in both their local and global communities. These essays thoughtfully address a multitude of issues, musing on subjects that are both ancient and contemporary, global and intensely personal. We chose to publish an range of pieces that examine the world through the prism of feminism, reaching at once into the past with case studies on women’s rights in early American colonies, in the present with case studies on current-day rape legislation reforms, and into the future with experiments on bystander intervention in rape and media representation of female athletes. Also featured are several essays that delve deep into the humanities, analyzing the identities of modern hipsters, coming-of-age novels, centuries-old poems, and ancient Greek philosophy. Furthermore, we highlight research investigating socioeconomic enigmas like failures of foreign policy in the DRC, U.S. consumption modeling, and the nuances of social anxiety in college students.



Lives and Lies
Wendy-Marie Aylward

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The Proceedings of GREAT Day 2015
Proceedings of GREAT Day


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