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GREAT Day & The Proceedings of GREAT Day

This volume of The Proceedings of GREAT Day reflects the breadth of scholarship and creativity presented at Geneseo’s GREAT Day. It represents a community that explores and values examinations of diversity and identity, explorations of the arts and human behaviors, and creative expression. The full array of creativity, research, and scholarship present at GREAT Day cannot be reproduced in a journal. Instead, this issue demonstrates a broad curiosity, driven by academic interest rather than confined to limited expertise. Articles in this issue include examinations of personal narratives of the self in community, dance’s cultural values, and the behavior of enigmatic mathematical functions, from such diverse academic fields as psychology, literary and cultural studies, dance, communications, and mathematics. In the process of selecting articles from different academic disciplines, themes emerged on identity and personal exploration and environments for literary thought. In addition to articles, this issue contains interviews with the GREAT Day keynote speaker, various college administrators, and a student editor for a past volume of The Proceedings of GREAT Day. In all its content, this volume of Proceedings of GREAT Day challenges disciplinary boundaries, opening the door for conversations from a wide range of academic fields and perspectives on current issues and topics that resonate with diverse populations.



Dance and the New Deal
Samantha Schmeer

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