Peter Marchand claims that understanding is contradictory to wonder, describing only two Sub-Rasas of the Adbhuta Rasa (the Rasa of Wonder). The first Sub-Rasa includes wonder that occurs when there is a lack of understanding of an experience that could be understood. The second Sub-Rasa comes from not understanding experiences that cannot be understood. Marchand fails to discuss the possibility of understanding leading to or supporting experiences of wonder. He even suggests that when understanding is obtained, previously experienced wonder is greatly diminished. To explore the concept of wonder, thirty interviews were conducted by fifteen students in the SUNY Geneseo SOCL 476. Each subject was interviewed about their experiences with wonder, enchantment, and surprise, and asked about how those experiences affected them. The findings from this study confirm that people experience wonder from a lack of understanding, but that they can experience wonder from understanding as well.


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