Volume 2022 (Volume 14)

GREAT Day & The Proceedings of GREAT Day

With each passing year comes change after change. The more we learn, the less we know, as they say–and with every change, the hunt to learn more presses on. The spirit of growth, learning, and creativity is readily apparent in The Proceedings of GREAT Day. This year’s volume features works exploring the intricacies of John Milton’s religious writing, the complexities of college office hours, the importance of positive patient-provider interactions in healthcare, and the history of modern dance. It also presents readers with a look at the complex relationship between deforestation and the spread of zoonotic viruses, the importance of women’s reproductive health, the presence of patriarchal themes in English literature, and the imaginative ways people across the country are working together to illustrate the impacts of climate change. And what would GREAT Day be without an examination of the magic–and science–of pyramid power?



Hannah K. Lustyik ’23
M. Sparrow Potter ’23
Featured Former Editor
Quinten Seskin ’22
Daniel Earl Ross ’09, Head of Access Services
Max Sparkman, Research Instruction Librarian
Production Manager
Allison Brown, Digital Publishing Services Manager