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Spring 4-20-2021


Veganism is a lifestyle that can allow for the individual to reduce their own carbon footprint on the world. In order to accomplish this one must remove all animal products from their life to maximize the reduction of carbon emissions they produce in a year. This comes from the meat and animal product industry producing far more carbon emissions than that of non-animal products. The animal product industry requires much more land use than that of the non-animal product industry in regard to food. If someone can decide that certain animal products are not necessary in their life than they can begin to reduce their carbon footprint. There are other ways to accomplish this goal but there are other benefits to becoming vegan as well. Veganism is cheaper on average per year for an individual than someone that consumes meat. Budget is not the only additional benefit as many people see an elevation of overall health after transitioning to a vegan diet. Not everyone can make the complete leap to a vegan diet, but if someone can slowly remove animal products from their life than their carbon footprint will decrease with it.



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