Geneseo Recognizing Excellence, Achievement, & Talent (GREAT) Day is a college-wide symposium celebrating the creative and scholarly endeavors of our students. In addition to recognizing the achievements of our students, the purpose of GREAT Day is to help foster academic excellence, encourage professional development, and build connections within the community.

Established in 2009, Proceedings of GREAT Day compiles and publishes promising student work presented at SUNY Geneseo’s GREAT Day symposium. The projects, presentations, and research included here represent the academic rigor, multidisciplinary study, and creativity of the students taking part in the SUNY Geneseo GREAT Day symposium.

Current Volume: Volume 15

GREAT Day & The Proceedings of GREAT Day

From the ongoing construction causing shakes on campus to unpredictable weather, Geneseo students have overcome struggles illustrated through their academic achievements. Persistence, creativity, and innovation are apparent throughout this issue of The Proceedings of GREAT Day. This year’s volume features works that explore topics ranging from the human experience to Siberian punk music. History takes an interesting turn as the past is reexamined and viewed through the lens of food politics, and we explore the lasting impact of music and the people who create it. Get the inside scoop on Pawsibilities and existential realities through exclusive interviews with students and faculty.


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The Proceedings of GREAT Day Volume 15
Hailey Elizabeth Bernet and Sara Wilkins


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Sara Wilkins ’24
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