Geneseo Recognizing Excellence, Achievement, & Talent (GREAT) Day is a college-wide symposium celebrating the creative and scholarly endeavors of our students. In addition to recognizing the achievements of our students, the purpose of GREAT Day is to help foster academic excellence, encourage professional development, and build connections within the community.

Established in 2009, Proceedings of GREAT Day compiles and publishes promising student work presented at SUNY Geneseo’s GREAT Day symposium. The projects, presentations, and research included here represent the academic rigor, multidisciplinary study, and creativity of the students taking part in the SUNY Geneseo GREAT Day symposium.

Current Volume: Volume 2021

GREAT Day & The Proceedings of GREAT Day

With the COVID-19 pandemic persisting into 2021, many of the works featured in this year’s volume of The Proceedings of GREAT Day have pandemic-focused topics, such as the shifting meaning and utility of face masks, the negative and positive effects of remote learning on members of the LGBTQ+ community, the impact of inequality on COVID-related health outcomes, and mathematical models showing the impacts of quarantine and isolation on the spread of COVID-19. Research topics were not entirely focused on COVID-19, however. Several works highlight environmental concerns, calculating the needs and costs of a sustainable rain-catching system for the campus, evaluating the effectiveness of biological controls on the spread of invasive plant species, and discussing the importance of environmental education in our rapidly changing world. Topics related to social justice are present as well, such as the effects of systemic racism on the mental health of Black women, the lack of Black geographic course content in U.S. higher education, and the influence of Black classical composers. Biological research is also showcased, examining the RNA binding properties of the R2 protein, and exploring the question of nature vs. nurture in the development of alcohol use disorder in mice. Lastly, selected works focus on the local and global in equal measure, from the comprehensive historical cataloging of SUNY Geneseo’s literary magazines, to the evaluation of immigration policies in Europe.



Mask Culture
Emily Vesperman

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