GREAT Day Posters 2024

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GREAT Day Posters 2024

002-Biodiesel Production from Chlorella Vulgaris and Synechococcus

Sarah Mertson, SUNY Geneseo
Elizabeth Klosko
Daniel Bergman
Alex Wilkinson
Nicole Gretzinger
Colden Grossman
Annabel Rupp
Kjersti Mygland
Theodore Holving

007-Oral Health Disparities in the API Community: The Impact of Parental Immigration Status on the Oral Health of their Children

Alyssa Lee, SUNY Geneseo

011-Emotion Regulation and Social Media Motives as Mediators of Attachment and Problematic Social Media Use

Nieve Mahood, SUNY Geneseo
Anna Arehart
Kaela Dimanlig

012-Growth of Synechococcus in Varying Nutrient Concentrations

Sarah Mertson, SUNY Geneseo
Nicole Gretzinger

014-Thin Film Deposition for Scintillator Detectors

Mitsuki Tabei, SUNY Geneseo
Zach Ehret

015-Qualitative Analysis of Student Experiences in Novel Multi-Year CURE Curriculum

Maddy Hymowitz, SUNY Geneseo

020-Investigating Spread Rates of Aquatic Invasive Plant Species in North America

Morgan LaDue, SUNY Geneseo

024-Averted Conflicts between Siblings and Friends in Childhood and Adolescence

Adele Beltrani, SUNY Geneseo

028-Taxonomy and Preservation of Lower Cambrian Trilobites, Carrara Formation, Southern CA

Reydaliz Torres Lopez, SUNY Geneseo

032-Surveying School Support and Preparedness for the 2025 Earth Science Regents Exam

Danielle Stein, SUNY Geneseo

033-Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization of Neurod4 Gene in Zebrafish

JULIANA Flick, SUNY Geneseo

036Quality of Social Engagement between Siblings and Friends during Early and Middle Childhood

Alexa Johnson, SUNY Geneseo

037-Investigating Singly Substituted 2-amino-1,3,4-oxadiazoles as Antibiotic Drug Candidates

Elizabeth Klosko, SUNY Geneseo

038-The Emergence, Growth, and Demise of Geiger Enterprises, a Multi-Independent Retail Gasoline Station Corporation of the Buffalo Niagara Region

Mailey Geiger, SUNY Geneseo

041-Bluffs along Southeastern Lake Ontario, New York

Emmagrace Humbert, SUNY Geneseo

053-Sarcasm and Jocularity in Adolescent Sibling and Friend Interactions

Grant Edmondson, SUNY Geneseo

063-Patterns in the Quality of Other-Sex Friendships: Associations with Adjustment

Devin Brazell, SUNY Geneseo

072Using Rutherford Backscattering Spectroscopy to Characterize Targets Used for Nuclear Reaction Cross Section Measurements Performed with Laser-Accelerated Ions

Dylan Christopherson, SUNY Geneseo

075-Forest Dynamics Between Co-Occurring Native and Invasive Species

Jessie Seifert, SUNY Geneseo

080-Investigating Reduction of the Ostrich Forelimb: Palaeognathae (Aves)

Isabel Marzec, SUNY Geneseo

082-7-Year-Olds’ Aggression and Rough-and-Tumble Play with Siblings and Friends

Anna Shepard, SUNY Geneseo

088-Determinants of Financial Literacy at SUNY Geneseo

Alexis Kruzicki, SUNY Geneseo

089-Thermodynamic and Structural Studies of the Interactions between c-MYC G4 DNA and Minor Groove Binders as an Anticancer Approach

Courtney Fetzer, SUNY Geneseo

093-Ecological Assessment of Attention and Emotion

Madison Nuttle, SUNY Geneseo

112-Shade Speaks Louder Than Words - An Analysis of and Solution to Tree Canopy Inequity in Rochester, NY

Kayla Andersen, SUNY Geneseo

116-Descriptive Mineralogical Analysis of an Igneous Dike Found in the Kingston Peak Formation, Mojave Desert, CA

Cassidy Sander, SUNY Geneseo

125-Bioethanol from Rice Husks as a Second-Generation Biofuel: Glucose Quantification Using Dinitrosalicylic Acid Analysis

Gage Smith, SUNY Geneseo

127-Analyzing CM-272 Properties using a Nanospectrometer and a Fluorescence Spectrometer

Kaitlyn Samsel, SUNY Geneseo

131-Mars Crater Morphology and Testing the Erodibility of Ejecta

Mary Noragong, SUNY Geneseo

132-How Does a Genetic Risk for Alzheimer’s Disease and Alcohol Use Affect Memory in a Mouse Model?

Madison Forcier, SUNY Geneseo

133-Paleomagnetism of a Dike in Kelso, CA

Wesley Sharlow, SUNY Geneseo

136-Supporting School Garden Leaders: The Role of Grassroots Gardens of Western NY

Arianna Whittaker, SUNY Geneseo

138-Feeding Morphology of Deep-Sea Fishes

Tristin Rose-Morley, SUNY Geneseo

139-Neurobiological Changes Associated with a Ketogenic Diet in a Mouse Model of Autism Spectrum Disorder

Abigail Grzeskowiak, SUNY Geneseo

141-Predation on Microbivalves in Graham’s Harbor, San Salvador Island, The Bahamas

Sarah Alfiero, SUNY Geneseo

145-Gender and Affiliative/Assertive Language Use by 7- & 17-year-olds with Siblings and Friends

Natalie Thurston, SUNY Geneseo

149-Emotion Dysregulation Predicts Alcohol and Cannabis Co-Use Among College Students

Trystan Melas, SUNY Geneseo

151-Marijuana Motives and Different Class Standings Among College Students

Madison James, SUNY Geneseo

152-Clobetasol Differentially Affects the Vulvar Cancer Cell Line, UMSCV-4, Causing Both Increases in Apoptosis while Maintaining a Subpopulation in Quiescence

Mack Ogden, SUNY Geneseo

156-Morphological Changes to the Vulvar Squamous Carcinoma Cell Line, A431, Resulting from Clobetasol-Induced Upregulation of Vimentin

Kia Haering, SUNY Geneseo

158-Latinx and African Immigrant College Students’ Concepts of Mental Health and Family

Lia Carswell, SUNY Geneseo

165-Accessibility is for Everyone

Kaitlin Anzalone, SUNY Geneseo

167-Time for an Addition: Expanding the House of Representatives

Kieran Kelley, SUNY Geneseo

169-Why Representation Matters: Examining the Role of Congressional Racial Diversity on Political Engagement

Zoe Navratil, SUNY Geneseo

170-To Report or Not Report: Implications for Victims of Sexual Assault

Nieve Mahood, SUNY Geneseo

175-Incidence of Bacterial Symbionts in the Ant-Mimicking Spider, Myrmarachne formicaria

Brenna Dunn, SUNY Geneseo

179-Nesting Patterns of Cavity-Nesting Bees and Wasps

Daniel Lemon, SUNY Geneseo

188-Efficacy and Limitations of Geologic Remote Sensing: Comparing Ground Truth to Spectrally Identified Lithology, Mojave National Preserve, California

Allison Wing, SUNY Geneseo

189-The Broaden and Build Theory of Positive Emotions

Meg Pappalardo, SUNY Geneseo

193-The Pantry at Geneseo: An On-campus Resource Fighting Food Insecurity

Matthew Mcgowan, SUNY Geneseo

195-Death Valley Mesquite Sand Dunes Migration Patterns and Stability

Jeffrey Herberger, SUNY Geneseo

197-Assessing Water Quality for Streams in Wyoming County, NY: Pollution, Erosion, and Biodiversity

Micah Ford, SUNY Geneseo

200-How Aging Populations Affect the Economy

Matthew Hoch, SUNY Geneseo

202-Comparing Ecosystem Services of Native and Non-Native Trees on SUNY Geneseo’s Campus

Abigail Miller, SUNY Geneseo

203-Investigating Courtship, Display Behaviors, and Personality of Ant-Mimicking Spiders

Hannah Reid, SUNY Geneseo

209-High Microbial Infection Prevalence on Corals Jeopardizes Reef Health around San Salvador Island, The Bahamas.

Micah Ford, SUNY Geneseo

210-A Survey of the Fruiting Plants and Their Insect Parasites in the Forests of Western New York

Thomas Back, SUNY Geneseo

211-Fear-Inducing Stimuli and Emotion-Induced Blindness

Jeff Mounts, SUNY Geneseo

212-Alpine Vegetation in the Adirondacks (NYS)

Marty Mahar, SUNY Geneseo

220-Designing Comedy: A Case Study of SUNY Geneseo’s Lucky Stiff

Eleanor Kephart, SUNY Geneseo

229-Analysis of KAP Survey Data and Biological Trends in Schistosomiasis Reinfections and Coinfections

Miranda Saynuk, SUNY Geneseo

232-Use of 3-D Models and Muscle Moment Arms to Determine the Function and Evolution of Tyrannosaurus rex Forelimbs

Kurt Schirrmacher, SUNY Geneseo

235-Resting State Neural Activity Predicting Psychopathology and Neural Efficiency during Empathy Processing Tasks

Michelle Fitting, SUNY Geneseo

241-Exploring the Synthesis of Maleanilic Acids in Bioderived, Biodegradable Solvents

Emily Rennells, SUNY Geneseo

242-Measurements of Cosmic Ray Muon Flux During April 8th Eclipse

Aidan Cheeseman, SUNY Geneseo

243-Study Spaces on Campus

Rachel Bibler, SUNY Geneseo

245-Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations and Watershed Impacts

Aleigha Morrison, SUNY Geneseo

246-Amyloid Beta 1-40 Protein Corona Formation on Gold Colloids and Investigation of Nano-size Dependence

Bryan Martinez Hernandez, SUNY Geneseo

248-Empathy and Pro-environmental Behaviors: Investigating Human Altruism and its Link to Pro-environmental Behaviors

Anna Arehart, SUNY Geneseo

249-Energy Return on Investment: A Critical Problem for Modern Efforts to Meet the Climate Challenge

Iris Tyler, SUNY Geneseo

251-Bone Fracture Repair: Analysis of Mechanical Strength and Porosity Properties of Biocompatible Collagen Cements

Owen Vincent, SUNY Geneseo

252-Long-Term Trends in Dominance of Mustard Hill Coral in San Salvador Reefs

Michaela Cawley, SUNY Geneseo

255-Comparing the Morphology of Impact Craters in Different Target Lithologies

Jesse Norton, SUNY Geneseo

256-Assessing the Use of Next Generation MinION Nanopore DNA Sequencing in Obtaining High Quality Data from Zebra Fish to Inform Round Scad Fish Epigenetics under Global Climate Stress

Molly O'Brien, SUNY Geneseo

257-Effects of Industrialization on Causes of Death in 19th and Early 20th Century Rochester

Morgan Dunn, SUNY Geneseo

261-Facets of Dispositional Empathy for Nature Mediate the Relation between Empathy and Environmental Intentions

Victoria Grann, SUNY Geneseo

263-Developing a Portable System of Environmental DNA (eDNA) Surveillance to Monitor Fish Population Dynamics and Detect Invasive Species in Conesus Lake and The Philippine Seas

Morgan Comstock, SUNY Geneseo

267-The Role of YAP and pYAP in Retinal Regeneration of Zebrafish

Muwafaq Ibrahim, SUNY Geneseo

272-Garden Committee at GREAT Day

Jeremy Sauer, SUNY Geneseo

278-Prevalence of the Toxicokinetic Nature of Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) on Human Development

Daniela Paolino, SUNY Geneseo

284-Alcohol Use, Neuroinflammation, and a Ketogenic Diet in a Mouse Model of Alcohol Use

Dhavan Brahmbhatt, SUNY Geneseo

290-Concurrent Neural Activity Predicting Empathy Processing Task Accuracy and Symptomatology

Alexandra Young, SUNY Geneseo

291-Resting State Neural Activity, Empathy, and their Association with Internalizing Symptomatology

Maxwell Mesi, SUNY Geneseo

305-Unraveling the Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Human Society: A Multidisciplinary Exploration

Marcus Lewis, SUNY Geneseo

307-Effects of Meiotic Drive on Developing Testis in Stalk-Eyed Flies

Connor Willitt, SUNY Geneseo

310-WIYN Open Cluster Study: Photometry of a 2x2 Region of Open Cluster M34

Zephyr Lange, SUNY Geneseo

318-Interactions between Hormonal Phases and Caffeine on Repetitive Circling Behavior in Mice

Madison Geddes, SUNY Geneseo

319-Characterization of Motor Performance in a Mouse Model of Autism Fed a Ketogenic Diet in Early Adolescence

Sophia Azurin, SUNY Geneseo

323-What is the Geospatial Distribution of Dairy Farms in Western New York and How Does this Distribution Compare to Documented Violations of Dairy Farmworkers’ Rights?

Kerrin Cleary, SUNY Geneseo

324-Spike Protein pH Hop Investigation of Protein Concentration

Bryan Martinez Hernandez, SUNY Geneseo

332-Poverty, Institutionalization, and Mortality in 19th-Century Rochester

Audrey Ryan, SUNY Geneseo

336-Evaluating Ecosystem Services of Canopy Cover on SUNY Geneseo’s Campus

Ryan Ciccolini, SUNY Geneseo

344-Miming Makes it Memorable? Investigating the Role of Iconic Signs in Memory

Jason Ozubko, SUNY Geneseo

346-Evolutionary Genomics of Meiotic Drive in T. whitei

Ariana Cookinham, SUNY Geneseo

350-Do Campers who Spent More Years at Residential Summer Camp Focusing on Restorative Practices Report Higher Levels of Empathy?

Haley Dennis, SUNY Geneseo

371-The Effect of Social Media Influencers on Adolescents

Lauren Goldstein, SUNY Geneseo

384-Interest Groups and Democratic Legitimacy: Analyzing the Influence and Impact of Interest Groups on Elections/Results

Pamela Flores, SUNY Geneseo